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Northern Cambria Construction Plans

Northern Cambria School District held a special meeting Tuesday, where board members voted on key construction decisions for their renovation project. Just last Fall, Northern Cambria School Board members broke ground on a major construction project that they say will continue into next year.

Tuesday night, Officials highlighted several of their renovation plans. Danielle Hoover, a Board Member of Northern Cambria School District saying: “We voted on two of the change orders that have come up for the building, one to change the layout of the cafeteria, and one to change the layout of our weight rooms.”

Board Members also say their plans include expanding the gym to be competition sized, but plans are still in discussion as they compare bids on the project. They say that and other changes made from the initially proposed plan will save the school money. Kevin Krug, President of Northern Cambria School District saying: “Basically when the plans were first originally done, the cost of doing the particular part would’ve been more money. Since we’re not going to do the proposed plan, it costs less and we basically get a credit back towards us on the original cost.”

Board Members also say they are looking forward to the project’s completion. They say it will make the School a better place for learning. Hoover adding: “Some of us are very excited about it, and it’s just going to be a wonderful thing for the community and the students.”

The project is scheduled to wrap up in Fall of 2025.

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