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Man Identified In Weekend Shooting

Police say they’ve identified the man responsible for a deadly shooting outside a Johnstown bar this past weekend.

They say a warrant is out for the man’s arrest.

Authorities say 42-year-old Dirk Jones is responsible for the death of Caleb Beppler and wounding another man outside of Liquid Currency Bar in Cambria City.

Jones faces several charges including first-degree murder.

Investigators say the incident began around 3:30 Saturday Morning Jones walked out of the bar with a handgun toward a group that was fighting. And fired seven shots.

Investigators say the owner of the bar told police he was kicking individuals out when the fight started.

The Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement says they are working with Johnstown Police on an active investigation into Liquid Currency. Saying last call for Pennsylvania bars is 2 a.m. And patrons are supposed to be out by 2:30.

Authorities say they used surveillance video and witness accounts to identify Jones.

Investigators say more details should be released tomorrow.

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