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Man Caught Smuggling Fake IDs

Authorities say they caught a man who tried to smuggle fake forms of identification onto a plane at the Johnstown John Murtha-Cambria County Airport. Authorities tell us how they caught him and what they found that raised red flags.

Police identify the man as 46-year-old Evens Roseme who they say is originally from Haiti. Officials say multiple counterfeit documents were found in his belongings at the security checkpoint.

Authorities with the Transportation Security Administration say Roseme was arrested Friday at the Johnstown-Cambria County Airport after Officials discovered a quote: “Stash of fake IDs.” Officials say a search of the man’s carry-on items led to the discovery and authorities noted that the man was also trying to use one of the fake IDs to get through airport security. TSA Officials say the fake IDs and equipment were confiscated by Richland Police, who say he was compliant with Officers and was detained at the Airport.

The specific motive of Roseme remaining unclear. Richland Police say the latest they heard was that Roseme is being processed at the Cambria County Prison on charges of 2 counts of Forgery.

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