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Mainline Pharmacy Closure Reactions

Customers are being forced to go elsewhere for medical products after the closure of most stores in a local pharmacy chain.

We heard from another local pharmacy and customers.

“The pharmacy has always been the lifeline of our communities.”

After local pharmacy chain Mainline Pharmacy announced it’s closing most of its stores, others are reacting to the fallout.

Pharmacist, Jackie Martella, says her business is feeling the impact.

“It’s heartbreaking to see pharmacies close down in our communities. With the recent closure of the Mainline Chain, it’s sad.”

Martella says pharmacies are essential to the healthcare system, and says local based businesses like Mainline Pharmacy and Martellas have an advantage to learning about their customers on a personal level.

She says despite the hurdles, employees have stayed with them.

“How are you able to stay open? Well, our reaction is we are trying to keep our doors open…”

People going to pharmacies say they understand the changes will impact convenience for communities in the region.

“I think it’s too bad, because as you say, they’re mostly in communities that are kind of rural, or very small. But they don’t have to go too far when those pharmacies are open in that area.”

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