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Luzerne County Bear Attack

The Pennsylvania Game Commission continues to investigate a bear attack that has residents in Wright Township, Luzerne County concerned.

A 14 month old and 5 year old are out of the hospital and recovering from bites and scratches.

It’s unclear what direction the bear came from, or what provoked the attack.

Although the state of Pennsylvania is currently home to about 15,000 bears Travis Lau, Spokesperson from Pennsylvania Game Commission says that attacks are NOT common.

“It’s not really a reason to think that we have a bear that’s prone to attack, generally speaking, Pennsylvania Bears are non-confrontational, instances of attack are very rare.

Two traps have been set in the area to catch the bear responsible for the attack. Once a bear is caught, DNA testing will be done to be sure that that it is the bear responsible. The bear will then be euthanized.

Josh Hamilton, Walden Park resident for many years, says it’s frightening to hear about this attack.

“That could be quite nerve wracking for us, especially with our small children, we have a four and a half year old and a one year old”.

Marissa Koflanovich, a mother, with a young child who frequents wooded parks in the area says that although its concerning, she will still enjoy the outdoors.

“I don’t think that people should be afraid to come to the park, I’m not going to let that deter me from visiting the park with my child this summer”,

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission if you encounter a bear, make noise to alert the bear that you’re there, back away from the bear slowly, while facing the bear.

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