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Lost Cambria County Dog Found And Returned Home

Cambria County couple Chad and Paula Albert’s dog Milo was hit by a car in Westmont on April 26th and has been missing ever since.

But after 17 days of not knowing where Milo was, he’s finally back home thanks to the help of women like Debra Noble. She’s been working as an animal rescue volunteer in the Johnstown area for years.

She says she was able to track sightings of Milo reported by community members. With the help of volunteer Tammy Wilks, she says she set up a trap in a location where Milo had been seen. Not long after, Milo was finally brought home.

“Tammy and I were messaging each other, and then all of a sudden, she said ‘it’s time to go.’ And the family, you call them and they’re crying and they’re all emotional, we’re all emotional because for 17 days we tried to get Milo.”

Tammy Wilks runs a Facebook group that works to recover lost pets in the area. She says she worked with Noble and provided the cage that finally caught Milo. Wilks says in situations with lost pets, you should report any sightings to the authorities and volunteer groups.

“Getting involved to the point where you’re going out searching through the woods sometimes pushes lost pets out of an area we’re trying to keep them in. So, call us with any sighting. Let us handle it and trust us,”

“Fortunately, there were no injuries due to the accident with the car, he’s being treated, But so far, Milo’s doing good. The family is still recovering, it’s an emotional time.”

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