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Law Office Shooting Update

New details are being released about the shooting at a Cameron County Law Office. We’re learning it was the District Attorney who was shot. According to the Criminal Complaint, a woman – identified as Porice Mincy was causing a disturbance at District Attorney Paul Malizia’s office.

Officials say the argument started over a property deed. The complaint goes on to say that Mincy punched Malizia and as he tried to “physically remove her” from his office, she pressed a handgun to his thigh and shot him.

State Police say she ran from the office and drove away at a high-rate of speed the wrong-way down a one-way street. She was later found at her home and taken into custody. Mincy is being held at the Cameron County Prison and was denied bail.

Meanwhile, District Attorney Paul Malizia returned to work on Thursday. He told us that this incident is pretty uncharacteristic for a place like Emporium and tell us it all began with what he describes as a belligerent client over $300.

Cameron County District Attorney Paul Malizia says he is more than grateful to still be living. Malizia saying: “Had the bullet gone two inches over, it would’ve been in the bone. Three inches over it would have been my femoral artery. I am the luckiest man alive.”

Malizia says the person who shot him ‘Porice Mincy’ was not supposed to be involved with the work between him and his other clients, in the first place. Malizia adding: “It’s a shame, but the fact is it was a civil matter. I’d done a Deed for this woman’s sister, and she had nothing to do with it.” Malizia alleges that the client’s sister assumed her name and repeatedly called his Law Office, to get the house in joint ownership. Because this new motion was not a part of the original deed, Malizia says this created a $300 bill which Mincy was not happy to see.

He says he has run into a few ‘irate clients’ over the years, but nothing close this. Malizia saying: “This just is really unheard of. So uncharacteristic. And as I indicated before, this individual was from New York City. So, things are more different there, and people are more demanding there, and as a consequence, the demands were made to do all this work for nothing.”

The District Attorney showed us how he says it happened. He says Mincy came into the office, verbally assaulting him. Malizia says he then left the office for a moment, reentering to see his workplace a mess. Malizia adding: “At that point I asked her to leave and she punched me in the nose.” Malizia says they ended up going into the hallway where he tried restraining her. Malizia continued: “Apparently she pulled her handgun out. Stuck it on my leg and I heard a boom, but did not know any of this happened, and I didn’t feel it at all.” He says he saw Mincy then pull the handgun up towards their heads, and that’s when he pushed her away, running into his office locking the door, ready to defend himself.

He says she left shortly after and fled to the address of the home she was trying to add her name to. After the ordeal, Malizia also says he has received hundreds of calls, messages, and other forms of concern from family and friends. Malizia saying “the outpouring, shall I say, of concern, worries, prayers, it’s humbling, and i’m very very thankful for everyone who has expressed their concern and asked me how I was doing, worried about me and so fourth, said a prayer.” Malizia says the calls of concern are so frequent that he has had little to no time to work. Malizia adding: “All I can say is that it could’ve been so much worse. It’s that simple.”

Malizia says the Attorney General’s Office is currently handling the case. Reports show Mincy is currently behind bars at the Cameron County Prison with denied bail.

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