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Johnstown City Council Meeting

A California based tech company could be creating new jobs in the Johnstown area. It was discussed at Wednesday evening’s Johnstown City Council meeting.

They voted on a number of ordinances but the most anticipated was the rezoning of Mom’s House a Johnstown non-profit organization that provides free childcare for those in need.

“We did the second reading of the second ordinance of Mom’s House so they could move forward, We had some problems with the zoning and other issues that came up but at this point in time, now they’re able to move forward with their project and it’s going to be a benefit to the city and families and kids out there.”

Council also commended volunteers for one of the biggest cleanup projects in the city.

“The cleanup project has been going on in the city, It’s only volunteers but it involves persons in those neighborhoods in the cleanup and tonight we found out they cleaned up over 40 to 45 tons of garbage throughout the last few cleanups throughout the city.”

The city is also preparing to meet with BitWise Industries, a California based tech company that according to Forbes magazine “trains tech workers in marginalized communities, develops software and invests in tech-friendly real estate.”

“We have a group coming in from California, BitWise Industries, That’s really looking to meet with not only city leaders but businesses and personnel throughout Johnstown to see if they could help us with -using the proper terminology- those underprivileged or those in need or that need support from an educational standpoint or perspective from businesses so that they eventually can go out and work. Be able to work at a job or a position and then be able to grow from there.”

The city’s meeting with BitWise Industries will take place Thursday morning.

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