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Hockey Game Prom Proposal

They Lost the game, but He certainly got the girl. A high school hockey player used one moment in the spotlight to come up with a creative proposal. Mary Olmos reports. Number seven, Alexandra Schweitzer.

The lineup announcement ahead of Boise State Hockey Games is usually an opportunity for players to wave to their friends and family for bringing more.

But this message wasn’t for mom and dad. The blade on his stick reads. Hey, Sarah. Prom. I didn’t know what to think. I was super shocked. Serious to get enough face time.

Just from Luverne, back home after the team fell to Hermantown on Wednesday.

The teen may have lost, but she still feels like she picked up a win. It really made me happy that he was so bold with it and just went for it.

“I didn’t really want to say it because obviously she’s at the game so she can’t hear over the Jumbotron.”

So it kind of had to be spelled out. She wanted to know. And when I said she, of course said yes. But being asked to prom wasn’t the only surprise. When I got back, everybody in the locker room was saying, Oh, you’re going viral.

The fast fame wasn’t Brady’s focus. He just wanted to soak in these last moments as a senior, playing hockey and making his family proud. I guess he reached out to the Laverne Boys, ended their run in the Constellation bracket on
Thursday, but Brady did get a goal, a prom date and a lot of hype online.

“I’ll maybe I’ll go look on Twitter and make myself feel a little better.”


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