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Feel Good Friday – April 14th, 2023

Welcome to this week’s edition of Feel Good Friday, brought to you by Altoona First Savings Bank!

A California Highway Patrol Officer is being hailed a Hero after he saved several children from a burning home. The fire happened this week to the Martinez family’s home. Abigail Martinez and her 3 younger sisters were inside when that fire started, but they say they didn’t realize it until someone started shouting. The voice they heard belonged to California Highway Patrol Officer James Gutierrez. Gutierrez says he was in the area for a traffic complaint when he noticed the smoke. Afraid that there might be kids home due to the Spring break schedules, he went inside. All four girls, as well as the family dog and cat, made it out safely and unharmed.

The girls’ parents, who were not home at the time, are thankful that Gutierrez acted so quickly. The girls’ Mother, Tiffany Martinez, saying: “If he wasn’t in the neighborhood, things could have been a lot worse. They’re safe. I’m not planning a funeral today. None of my kids got burned.” The girls’ father Scott Martinez saying: “I’m proud to have him serving our community. I’m grateful for everything he did, he saved everything that’s most valuable to us. I mean, everything I do is for them. I… I don’t have any words.”

In some animal-related headlines, decades of conservation efforts have paid off for India’s Tiger population. According to the latest Census, more than 3,000 Tigers roamed the Indian wild last year. That’s more than double the population in 2006 when it reached record lows. Part of the reversal is credited to the development of 53 reserves.

It wouldn’t be Feel Good News without some Wacky News Headline! For a limited time, you could get Married in a Weinermobile! Oscar Mayer says it hosted Weddings in it’s first “Weinermobile of Love” this past weekend. Where else would this event take place but Las Vegas? Oscar Mayer said they would foot the on-site bill, provide a Photographer, and even have Hot Doggers on hand to serve as witnesses.

Until next time, spread kindness, help others, and take some time to relax.

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