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Day One Jeff Thomas Trial

Following a brief lunch recess, the victim who accused suspended Somerset County DA Jeff Thomas of sexually assaulting her took the stand.

During her testimony, the victim read through pages of text messages between her and Thomas that had been exchanged between them over the years.

The victim testified that “9 or 10 days was a long time not to hear from him. It was peaceful. He was relentless.”

The alleged victim added that Thomas had asked to “hang out” with her at least a dozen times, despite her repeatedly telling him no.

She also testified that Thomas reportedly asked her for “dirty photos” and would send her inappropriate memes.

When asked by the Commonwealth why she kept responding to Thomas’ messages, she said, “I wasn’t trying to make one of the most powerful people in Somerset County mad at me.”

The alleged victim also told the jury that Thomas had previously showed up to her home, unannounced and uninvited, multiple times, before the alleged incident in Sept. of 2021.

The victim also began describing the day of the incident in question before court was adjourned for the day.

Thomas’ defense denied all of the accusations that the victim made and is set to cross examine her on Thursday after she testifies about the day of the alleged assault.

“We thought that the openings went well and we look forward to coming back tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a very important day. There’s a lot of text messages. I’m not going to speak on the evidence in the case. We’ll just be back here tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be another long day and we’re looking forward to it,” Thomas’ attorney Ryan Tutera said.

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