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D.A. Office Warning Of New Scam

We begin tonight with a warning from local law enforcement.

The Cambria County District Attorney’s Office raising concerns about what it calls a new type of scam targeting older people.

District Attorney Greg Neubauer telling FOX8 there have been several reports over the past few months.

He says the scam involves a pop-up on a computer telling them their computer has been hacked and they need to call a specific number to talk to police.

When they call the number though a police impersonator picks up and tells them crimes have been committed with their device and their financial info has been compromised.

Neugebauer says they’re then asked where they bank and to withdraw their money for safe keeping before handing it over to a person pretending to be from the bank.

Neugebauer says the county has had several victims over the past several months who’ve handed thousands of dollars over to the scammers.

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