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Cresson Homicide Update

More details are being released on what led up to a deadly shooting in Cambria County late Sunday Night.

Brock Owens talked to the District Attorney Today and tells us what he’s learning about the investigation.

Douglas Leap is facing homicide and aggravated assault charges for his alleged involvement in a shooting in Cresson Sunday Night just before Midnight.

Authorities say Leap has been taken into custody and was arraigned Monday Night.

“Sometimes it takes a long time to really develop a very picture of what happened. Other times it’s a little quicker. Things like surveillance, witness statements, certainly any physical evidence at the scene or near the scene, that all starts coming into play very, very quickly.”

The affidavit of probable cause states that Leap was leaving the Shovel Head Tavern along Front Street in Cresson and asked a patron multiple times to go outside with him to catch up.

The patron tells police he did not recognize Leap and declined going outside with him before Ambrose Bowers stepped in saying quote “why you want to take him outside because you have a pistol on your back,” according to the complaint.

Leap and Bowers left the bar at the same time according to officials.

They say Bowers was seen on surveillance telling his girlfriend that Leap was waving his gun around.

Cambria County District Attorney Greg Neugebauer says it was very shortly after that Bowers was shot and killed about a block and a half away from the bar.

The Shovel Head Tavern denies playing a role in the shooting on it’s Facebook page saying the incident was “not in the bar and had nothing to do with anything bar related.”

“There wasn’t a huge difference between the two places.”

Six shots hit Bowers, investigators say and seven shell casings were recovered at the scene mostly about 15 feet away from Bowers’ body.

“Some of that becomes more trial strategy and the picture that you try to portray to the jury. Certainly more shots portrays something different than one shot.”

It’s not clear if there is a relationship between Leap and Bowers, Neugebauer says.

“We don’t have any direct evidence at this point that they did know each other or had any type of a friendship or anything like that, but that is still something that we’re developing.”

Neugebauer also says this investigation will likely continue over the next several months.

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