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Cold Stream Restocked With Trout

People at a Centre County fishing spot are happy about the State’s Fish and Boat Commission decision to restock trout at a nearby stream after they stopped stocking it a few years ago.

Gary Sinderson explains.

Monday Morning Cold Stream Dam in Phillipsburg the fishing crowd already out

“You’ve been fishing here for how long? twenty years. I started here with my grandfather”

The lake at the dam has always been stocked with trout in fact the Fish and Boat Commission just stocked it on Friday. It’s upstream, the stream flowing into the dam area where there’s been controversy in recent years here’s the quick review

“The fish and boat commission decided to make a Class A stream at cold stream the locals used one mile above the dam to have fishing tournaments for youth and handicapped. they told them they could no longer have the fishing tournaments.they shut off allowing them to stock it at all”

The reclassification as a Class A wild trout stream, and shutting of stocking left locals here frustrated and confused

“When they considered it a Class A stream because of the native trout, anywhere you go is native trout. I don’t understand why that was considered Class A, when there native trout in here. there’s native trout in Bald Eagle”

But recently, the commission deciding to restock the Cold Stream Waterway

“Once the realized how important of this project was to the community, we came up with a solution that would allow tournaments to continue with extra stocking in the dam”

Representative Conklin says there will also be upgraded handicapped access fishing sites, and stream bank improvements at Cold Stream.

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