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Cambria County Service Animal Policy

New animal policy went into effect on Thursday in Cambria County. The Commissioners voted to approve and enact a county-wide service animal policy. The new policy will adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act and differentiates between Service Animals and emotional support animals.

Leaders say the policy is in effect for all county-owned buildings and properties and will ensure that service animals — mostly dogs — are assisting with a person’s disability in some way. Cambria County Solicitor Ron Repak saying: “I want to be clear on the policy, that it is a Service Animal. That they are there to provide a service, as a tool for those with disabilities. It is not an emotional support animal. Crystal clear that emotional support animals are not allowed and not tolerated, both by the policy nor through the Americans with Disabilities Act. We’re focusing solely on Service Animals.”

They say the new policy will be enforced by the Sheriff’s Office and anyone who wants to learn more about the policy can either check the county’s website under the policies section or by stopping at the Commissioners’ Office to get a copy and ask questions.

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