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Altoona Woman Charged in Theft

An Altoona woman is facing numerous charges, accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a Senior Citizen who had hired her to clean her house. Police say 52-year-old Jennifer Potts was hired by the Victim last January to clean the her apartment. Investigators say sometime in February the victim asked her to go pick up a few items from the store and gave Potts her bank card.

Police say Potts reportedly was not seen again until July. When Potts finally did return, Authorities say she gave back the Victim’s bank card and the items she had requested 5 months prior, claiming that she had been hospitalized. Police say upon further investigation it was discovered that Potts had drained the woman’s bank accounts of over $16,000, created multiple online accounts under the Victim’s name, and made various online purchases.

Court records show Potts faces charges of Theft, Unauthorized Access, Financial Exploitation, and Identity Theft. She was released on Unsecured Bail.

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