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9-1-1 Dispatch and the 4th of July

While many were busy on the Fourth of July with parties, 911 Dispatchers were also busy at work. They received some calls related to those celebrations, especially surrounding the fireworks.

911 Dispatchers can be particularly busy on holidays, such as Independence Day. Art Martynuska, Executive Director of Cambria County EMA saying: “Fourth of July, you know, we see it happen time and time again, so the Dispatchers are prepared.” Art Martynuska –- the Executive Director of the Cambria County Emergency Management Agency — says they received multiple calls Tuesday surrounding Fourth of July celebrations. Martynuska adding: “We had about thirty, thirty-five calls for fireworks. Some of those were from the same caller.”

Martynuska says many people called in with noise complaints. Martynuska saying: “Noise complaints, you know how they’re affecting their home life, their animals, things of that nature.” But Martynuska also mentioned its not uncommon for people to confuse fireworks and gun shots. Martynuska adding: “Some people may mistake also fireworks for gun shots, you know so we take all those things very seriously and as again we dispatched the appropriate resources as needed.”

Officer Sean Kisel with the Richland Township Police Department says although they didn’t get any shots fired calls, they did respond to a few firework complaints. Sean Kisel, in closing: “We’ll complete our investigation and determine whether it was fireworks or gun shots. On the Fourth of July, more than likely its fireworks.”

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