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2023 Thon Carnival

Penn State THON hosted the THON Family Carnival, an annual event welcoming Four Diamonds Families back to State College, on Sunday.

The Family Carnival is a “great way” for THON families to meet the other families, Haley Dougherty said.

Dougherty, one of the family members that THON supports, said she enjoyed the activities at the carnival, which included games like a “sword in the stone” as well as “face painting and temporary tattoos.”

Katherine, a fourth-year studying mechanical engineering, said he enjoyed meeting the kids and playing football with them.

Katherine said the public relations team was a “big part” of the “animations” for the THON logo reveal.

Katherine said “the community of people” he’s met has been his favorite part about THON. For him, THON is about “making sure that the kids can have the most normal life” possible.

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