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This series, hosted by Rich Deleo, features in-depth discussions with local coaches, sports enthusiasts, and experts and covers topics involving high school, college, and professional sports and athletes. You can watch Sports Desk Fridays at 12:30 pm on abc23 and 10:35 pm on FOX8.

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Big Ten

Steve tells us what it was like when Penn State was accepted into the Big Ten.
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Steve Jones

This week the Big Ten Football season gets underway and Referee Rich is joined by the voice of Penn State...
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It Was Meant To Be

As you heard Steve explain, he starts early Sunday morning getting ready for the next week's games and he does...
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Radio Broadcast Prep

It's a crazy week for Steve and he tells us about his typical game week preparation.
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No 2020 Season

Dealing with no 2020 season, the possibility of a spring season, and what's ahead for 2021.
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How he became a coach after his professional playing days were finished.
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