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This series, hosted by Rich Deleo, features in-depth discussions with local coaches, sports enthusiasts, and experts and covers topics involving high school, college, and professional sports and athletes. You can watch Sports Desk Fridays at 12:30 pm on ABC 23 and 10:35 pm on FOX 8.

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Winning a District 6 Championship and Looking Forward

Referee Rich speaks with Coach Nedimyer of the Altoona Mountain Lions about taking home a victory in a District 6...
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Altoona Mountain Lions’ 2020 Season

Coach Nedimyer speaks about the impact of COVID-19 and the experience of playing with limited attendance during the 2020 Season....
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Referee Rich’s Closing Thoughts – Altoona Mountain Lions

Referee Rich Deleo gives his closing thoughts and opinion on the Altoona Mountain Lions.
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Vince Nedimyer – Coaching at Altoona Area High School

Referee Rich Deleo sits down with Vince Nedimyer, Head Football Coach at Altoona Area High School. Coach Nedimyer talks about...
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Homer Delattre – Being Coach and Athletic Director

Referee Rich Deleo welcomes Hollidaysburg Area High School's Homer DeLattre to speak about his position as Head Coach and Athletic...
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Referee Rich’s Final Thoughts – Golden Tigers

Referee Rich Deleo shares his final thoughts about Hollidaysburg Area High School's Golden Tigers and his hopes that they might...
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