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Young Wrestler Bo Basset

What were you doing at the age of six years old? I was probably just learning how to swing a golf club in my back yard. Bo Bassett? He was winning a world championship! At a very young age Bo knew exactly what kind of athlete he wanted to be.

Now, at age 14, he wants another one.

Bo Basset an upcoming 8th grader at Bishop McCort, will travel to Budapest next week for the Cadet World Championships.

Basset will represent America on the world team for USA wrestling.

Even though he has 8 years of experiecne since his last world torunament, mom and dad still had to sign a permission slip for Bo to go.

“I’m probably going to be the youngest wrestler in the whole tournament they actually had to sign papers to let me wrestle and stuff”

Bassett turns 15 this year. It’s his first year of eligibility for the Cadet World Championships. He’ll show off his maturity, and versatility, by wrestling both Freestlye and Greco.

Despite being young, Bassett is ready to take down anyone who steps on the mat.

He’s also ready to make a run at history.

“Winning double golds that’s going to be pretty cool no one’s ever done it in the history ever won double gold in both Freestyle and Greco I’m the fifth to ever make both teams but no one’s ever won double gold so that would be the ultimate”

Dedication is what separates the seven time Pennsylvania state champion from the rest of the world

“I just really love the sports It’s something I love to do there’s no place I’d rather be than in her .and even when I’m at home I’m only thinking about wrestling the whole time”

As Bo travels across the ocean in hopes for two more World Championships he’ll be watching the mats in Tokyo with aspirations to one day compete for a Gold Medal

“Olympic champion that’s the big one 2024 will be my first year I’d be eligible I’d be like 17 years old so I’d be pretty darn young for the olympics but 2024 2028 looking to hopefully make the olympic games “

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