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You Saved How Much?: Planning a Debt-Free Vacation

Local blogger and extreme couponer, Jailee Singer, from You Saved How Much? has some suggestions for planning a debt-free vacation.

Debt-Free Vacation Ideas from Jailee Singer

1. Save Money!

Put aside a Vacation account, savings account, and collect spare change!  I personally love using a jar and collecting random change.  A few days before vacation I cash in the change and that is at the very least our gas money and a small meal while we travel!

2. Use Those Cashback Apps!

I sometimes use my cashback app (Ibotta, Checkout 51, Fetch, Receipt Hog, etc) to save for Christmas time.  However, there are times I skip Christmas and save it toward my vacation!

3. Book an Airbnb, Hotels or Condos with a kitchen!

The last couple of years I have been a huge fan of Airbnb.  We sometimes travel with other relatives and finding a house where we aren’t cramp, with everything we need, AND cheaper than a standard hotel room are extra pluses!  Plus if I have room, I pack cupboard food items/condiments to help save on grocery costs!  I love finding a place where I can do my laundry too and not have a pile waiting for me when I pull in my driveway!

4. Preplan what you are doing!

When I book my place, I love to look around to see what attractions and shopping areas are surrounding me.  This prepares me for what to do and to go online to see if I find package deals ahead of time for our trip.  For example, I was going to NYC a weekend and searched for the best bus stop tour.  Not only did I save money, I got tickets to go free attractions and our legs didn’t have the extra 10 miles of walking or subway trips!

5. Pack snacks/drinks for the drive!

Gas Stations can be a money killer!!  I love packing snacks, a cooler full of sandwiches, lunchables, drinks.  This way the grocery store trip you made was cheaper than what the local Sheetz has!

6. You did all the pre-planning & packing….so HAVE FUN!!!!

Visit You Saved How Much for more information.

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