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Yanella Aggravated Assault

And a Hastings man was tased and taken into custody Tuesday after pulling a gun on an officer during a traffic stop.

Patton Borough Police say 24-year old Austin Yennella is facing charges related to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a prohibited firearm.

Police say Yennella ran a redlight at the intersection of Magee Ave and 4th Ave around 9:30.

Officers pulled him over as he entered a Sheetz.

According to a criminal complaint, Yennella ignored the officer’s commands and began swearing at him.

After that, Yennella pulled out a gun and aimed it at the officer.

The officer then tased the man and a bystander helped police take him into custody.

Yanella is being held in the Cambria County prison.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 20th.

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