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Worth Twp. Shooting

There was a shooting in Port Matilda earlier this week

We are learning new details.

Dylan Huberman joins us from Centre County with this information

This was the scene on East Mountain Road, just off of Interstate 322, around four Wednesday Afternoon with Capstone Lane a few hundred feet in the distance.

The shooter reportedly escaped the scene but state police tracked him down quickly.

“Upon PSP arrival, the individual that was later taken into custody did flee from the scene. The troopers were able to locate him and take him into custody without incident.”

The current condition of the victim unknown.

“The victim sustained a gunshot wound to the leg. He was transported from the scene to a local medical facility.”

And the area surrounding Capstone Lane closed for several hours after the incident

“East Mountain Road was closed for an extended period of time we do want the general public to know that there is no threat at this point in time but that area will have high visibility with police presence.”

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