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Wolf Calls for Cares Act Funding

On Thursday, Governor Wolf called on the Legislature to provide an extra $225 million in Cares Act Funding to help small business struggling during this Pandemic. Several weeks ago, Governor Wolf called on the General Assembly to take immediate action to help small businesses across the Commonwealth. In a Press Conference Thursday afternoon, Governor Wolf renewed that call, saying: “I’m calling on the Legislature to capitalize on the success of the COVID-19 SBA Grant program, this would be to direct an additional $225 partially in forgivable loans and partially in Grants to small businesses all across Pennsylvania.”

Governor Wolf is also asking for an additional $100 Million in forgivable loans and grants to the hospitality and service industry. Governor Wolf saying: “Funding for each of these efforts will come from the Cares Act dollars that were kept on reserve so that we could do something in the Fall.” Business Owners in our area say Governor Wolf’s proposal will benefit nearby businesses. Governor Wolf says they have a better sense of what local business’ needs are now and this $225 Million proposal will help.

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