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Winter Weather Preparation

Penelec officials say their crews have been on standby all day in preparation that this ice storm could cause wires to fall down or power outages.

Sydney Jaxtheimer spoke with power companies to see what they recommend if you experience loss of power or heat.

With a large amount of ice and snow headed our way officials are encouraging people to prepared to possibly lose power.

“Well dress in layers and have a source of light. So a lot of times when the power goes out and you don’t have a readily available flashlight or anything a sense of anxiety can build up. So just having those supplies readily available when the lights go out.”

If you do lose power, Somerset County EMA Director Joel Landis says to avoid these kinds of unsafe heating methods.

“Never run your gas appliances inside your house to warm your house during a power outage. And also, don’t bring outdoor appliances inside to heat your house as it can result in a carbon monoxide issue. Also, if you do have a backup generator make sure it is isolated and located away from your house, so you again don’t get that carbon monoxide.”

Also, if you notice electrical wires down avoid them at all costs. First Energy communications representative, Todd Meyers explained what to do if you see wires down either near your home or while out driving.

“Stop. Stop what you’re doing. Look. Look where you are. Look what’s on the ground. And live, because a powerline wrapped up in a bunch of tree limbs, it doesn’t need to be jumping around and sparking to be a live line. IT can be live and just looking very innocuous. And it can badly injure or even kill you so stay away from any kind of wires you see on the ground.”

If you do lose power or see any down wires, you are encouraged to call your electric provider.

Some other tips officials offered are to make sure your electronics are charged up to keep up to date with news and weather and make phone calls in case of an emergency.

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