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Windber vs. Conemaugh Valley

High School Football is back and the fun isn’t over yet. On Saturday afternoon, a WestPAC matchup between Windber and Conemaugh Valley. The Blue Jays were escorted out by the Military. They ran out with flags to pay respects to all the Armed Forces as they prepared to take on top dogs in the Conference – the Ramblers.

Check out the jersey’s. I’m told the National Gaurd personally brought these in from Philly so they would made it in time for week one.

In the First Quarter, Aiden Gray fakes and Nick Dom makes his way into the Endzone. The extra point was blocked. Windber with a 6-0 lead.

In the Second Quarter, John Shuster through traffic for another TD for the Ramblers. They go for two, Gray hands off to Dylan Tomlinson for the two-point conversion. Ramblers dominating early.

Valley had a tough task this afternoon, but how about Bruce Moore with a big sack to push Windber back 20 yards? However, the Ramblers were too much too handle. Shuster again on the ground tiptoes to the endzone.

Winbder Wins big 44-0.

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