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Windber Theater Flooding

Residents of Windber, Somerset County, may have firetrucks outside of the Arcadia Theater on Graham Ave. Wednesday which is home to many performances and plays.

According to theater officials, a sprinkler pipe broke in the generator room causing water to soak many parts of the historic building.

The dressing rooms took the brunt of the water damage.

Now they’re working with limited electricity and seeing what equipment needs replaced as they assess the damages.

“When we had walked in, there was water coming out of the wall, down by the stage, out of the plasterwork,” Dan Hiteshew, the House and Grounds Director of Arcadia Theater. “In the front of the stag the carpeting was just soaked with water. Between the insurance companies and stuff, we should be fine.”

He says the main theater, including the seats, remain fine, and while they’re rescheduling some things they expect to be fully operational in the future.

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