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Windber Church Fire

A fire at a Somerset County Church this weekend. This was the scene at Windber Church of the Nazarene early Sunday morning. Somerset County Dispatch tells us crews first arrived on scene around 415 that morning.

Investigators say that because of the storm, it actually took neighbors a while to realize that something had happened.

“The structure was probably on fire for about 45 minutes. There was a loud thunder in the area, had several residents come out and notify that they had a loud thunder in the area, and that it was about 45 minutes later that somebody outside noticed the fire coming out of the roofline and called it in.”

Church staff are still deciding what they will do going for as damages were still being assessed.

“The lightning struck it and somebody must have called it in. But it had been burning for a long time before somebody did. Somebody spotted it. So, yeah, it’s pretty much total loss. Yeah.”

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