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Windber Church Fire Update

Local fire officials are calling it a rare phenomenon.

A Somerset County church struck by lightning and caught fire

Nicole Fuschino has more.

Instead of raindrops rolling off the roof of Windber’s Church of the Nazarene

The rain poured right in where parishioners used to sit & pray

After a powerful lightening strike opened the ceiling up to the sky

“We believe the lightening bolt struck right around that window”

Crews were called to the scene around 4:15 Sunday Morning and were met with significant flames blazing out of the roof

That fire officials say were burning for about 40 minutes prior

“The lightening strike was up top. The fire was burning in the roofline. Until somebody notices it in the middle of the night, the fire has got a good head start on us.”

Members of the Windber Fire Department let us into the church to see the damage, With the smell of smoke hitting us along with the sight of mini miracles

“The building has smoke and water damage throughout, but there’s a lot of things that have religious value that have no markings of anything on them.”

The damage was primarily centralized here near the stained glass, But if you turn 180 degrees this area is basically untouched

“Untouched was a lot of religious items. Statues and Bibles that were basically unscathed. So, it was a pretty neat phenomenon.”

Members of the church say they are hopeful to restore their sanctuary

“It’s bad. But we will rebuild. We will buy whatever and do what we need to do. We’re down but we’re not out. That’s for sure.”

Using a little bit of help from above

“It is rare. A church being struck by lightening on a Sunday. But everything happens for a reason, and I think we were in the right place at the right time.”



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