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Williams Murder Trial Begins

Tuesday marked Day 1 of the Murder Trial for a Morrisdale woman accused of killing her husband. Authorities say “Kimberly Williams” shot her husband, “Ronald Williams” and made it look like a suicide in order to access his $1 Million Will.

During the Trial, many Witnesses were called to the stand including “Gilbert Stevenson” the Chief Deputy Coroner for Clearfield County. Stevenson testified that Ronald Williams was not initially scheduled for an Autopsy. When initially filing the Field Report, Stevenson said that Williams died of suicide by a gunshot wound to the head. Stevenson testified that he was prepared to issue a Death Certificate for Williams as a suicide, but after speaking with State Police, Stevenson said that he issued the cause of death as “Pending” and requested an Autopsy.

Evidence later determined that “Kimberly Williams” was the one who pulled the trigger, not her husband. The trial is expected to carry on throughout the remainder of this week.

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