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Will Businesses Require Masks?

Despite updated guidance from the CDC allowing fully vaccinated people to go mask-less, some Business Owners still have the option to require mask wearing inside their buildings. We spoke with local Business Owners in Cambria County and share if any of them plan on keeping mask mandates at their stores or restaurants.

Under the latest guidance from the CDC and Pennsylvania’s Department of Health, people who are fully vaccinated are able to resume normal activities without wearing a mask or having to social distance, except where businesses or workplaces have stricter guidelines, leaving it up to businesses on whether they want to continue enforcing mask wearing or not.

For owner of Johnstown boutique, Adorned, Jessica Martella, she’s leaving the decision up to her customers. Martella saying: “There’s definitely some confusion whether or not we are requiring masks. We are just basing it on what makes our customers most comfortable. So, if someone comes in with a mask on, we assume they’re more comfortable with us wearing masks.”

Across town at Red’s Texas BBQ, Owner Tracey Burkett McCarthy is making the similar decision. She Notes that many customers have been anxious to stop wearing face coverings. Tracey Burkett-McCarthy adding: “I definitely think the customers are going to feel more comfortable not that we are an eat in facility and they can feel comfortable not wearing a mask. I have given the option to wear a mask. I haven’t made it mandatory, and I haven’t said they don’t have to- same with the employees. If they choose to, they can if they choose not to, they do not have to. And most of them at this point, have been vaccinated.”

The updated mask guidance from the CDC and state is only for people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, but business owners do not have the power to ask their customers or their employees about their vaccination status leaving mask wearing to a sort of honor system. Martell adding: We are just basing it on comfort level and customers. I have several employees and honestly it’s up to them whether or not they are getting vaccinated and if they are vaccinated, whether or not they want to continue wearing a mask or not.”

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