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Wildfires Rage on West Coast

The death toll is mounting as historic fires rage up and down the West Coast. Firefighters in Oregon are battling to keep 2 massive blazes from merging into one, as fire crews in California are now fighting to contain the largest fire in the State’s History. California, Washington and Oregon are facing an unprecedented year for Wildfires. At least twenty-four have died in the past month, and that number is likely to rise. More than 10% of Oregon’s population has been evacuated as dozens of fires leave communities in ashes.

A similar scene in Washington, 16 Major Wildfires burning across the State have scorched more than 625,000 acres.

And in California, three of the five largest fires in the State’s recorded history are burning right now. Firefighters are struggling to keep up. Touring some of the devastation, California Governor Gavin Newsom says Climate Change is responsible, warning what’s happening in his State now, could be a harbinger for the future of the Country.

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