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When Will COVID-19 Turn into an Endemic

The nations of Spain, Portugal and Britain are planning to soon look at COVID-19 as endemic. So for clarification and endemic as defined by the CDC as the constant presence of a disease or infectious agents in a population within a geographic area.

So simply put, as when COVID is no longer unpredictably disruptive, however, the US is not at that point yet. Dylan Huberman spoke with an infectious disease specialist at UPMC to hear why? Dr. John Goldman says as long as COVID cases, crown hospitals endemic is not the right word to describe this disease.

“We’re just simply not there yet, because of my guess, because most of the populace, a good portion of the population doesn’t have immunity in the people without immunity are the ones in our the ones who are ending up in our hospitals.”

COVID-19 cases remain high across the country and hospitals are still struggling with their capacities. This is, countries across the Atlantic are beginning to look at COVID differently.

And Dr. Goldman says that’s because their vaccination rates are above that in the US.

“I think it’s it’s fair to say we had higher rates of vaccination. We could tell what happened in other countries. There are a lot of other countries that have higher vaccination rates than we do, and they have lessened recently.”

But he says that reality isn’t far off here.

“We are all acknowledging that we think that COVID 19 is eventually going to become an endemic disease.”

And Dr. Goldman says sooner rather than later, too.

“I actually think we’re going to get there in the next three to six months. But that’s because I think everyone who is currently not vaccinated is probably going to get infected in the next three to six months,”

“He says. That’s because it will likely become a less dangerous disease at that point stage.

“It has not yet reached once most of the population has immunity, either through vaccination or through natural infection. Then the level of disease is likely to become much less, and in fact, it will act like the flu.”

Dr. Goldman added that vaccination will still help prevent severe disease

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