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Westmont School Board Meeting

Multiple parents spoke their minds, lamenting the board’s perceived lack of action in keeping students safe.

“I told them they needed an officer, bag checks…nobody said anything. Then, all of the sudden, there’s almost a shooting. You were a heartbeat away…from a shooting up here, a massacre, a
heartbeat away.”

The district and other parents have circulated the idea of hiring at least a part-time police officer, but Dan Fregly says that won’t cut it.

“There’s a lot of layers to this incident and having a part time officer here isn’t the answer. I suggested thing’s months and months before this happened, as I’m sure the board is aware
and nobody on the board ever got back to me. I’d like to know why crickets.”

Brett Hinterliter, another district parent, says the current safeguards failed.

“The system failed here at the school. Why? because a person got in who had a history…of prior threats in actually doing something.”

And he posed a question to the board.

“I just want to know why the same parameters…that the school was not shut down until law enforcement finished their investigation and determined that it’s safe.”

I approached the vice president of the board Doctor Rebecca Webb, whose only comment was that interviews are ongoing for security personnel.

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