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Westmont School Board Meeting

Parents coming together Tonight to discuss the scandal enveloping Westmont Hilltop School District.

An investigation against a long-time music teacher led to rape charges and also revealed other cases of inappropriate touching dating back several years.

Crispin Havener has been following the story and has the latest.

“It’s very shocking.”

Outraged parents and residents of the Westmont Hilltop School District again demanding answers from their school board.

“Once again, our school administration has been notified of something going on, they’ve had multiple responses from parents over the years about this particular situation.
And once again, they’ve done nothing until it was blown up in their face. And that’s a consistent pattern that we’re seeing”

They came together Monday Night, nearly a week after rape and sexual assault charges were filed against long-time music teacher Shawn Miller.

“They either don’t care about the kids, they’re incompetent, or they’re crooked. And I don’t know any other way to explain.”

John Mize has been organizing people to take action, as part of a group now called concerned citizens of Westmont Hilltop School District, since two students were charged in an alleged plot to shoot up Westmont Hilltop High School last year.

“We got a lot more people joining the group now.”

The meeting Tonight was open to the public, however, when some people expressed concerns about our presence, we were politely asked to leave so the discussion could be had more openly without the media there.

But one parent who agreed to talk with us said a lot more needed to be done.

“When it has to do with children…someone must be put on administrative leave until you investigate or whatever the action is. But to let it go on that long it’s just very sad.”

Westmont Superintendent Thomas Mitchell said in a statement last week that the district communicated all reported incidents of inappropriate behavior to the appropriate agency for investigation. District Attorney Greg Neugebauer said that Westmont Hilltop School District has been fully cooperative in its investigation. But for the organizers of the group, it’s not enough.

“We’ll be running a slate of candidates in 2023 with the aim of eventually unseating every single board member.”

“They’re just not listening, and it’s time for someone who will. “

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