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Westmont Hilltop School Board Meeting

Westmont Had it’s Last School Board Meeting of the Year and Nicole Fuschino was inside and tells us about the heated opinions of those who gave public comment

Student safety whether it be from sexual assault or gun violence is the top priority of the concerned citizens I spoke with Tonight.

Those feelings stem from a long line of incidents that happened during the school year.

This upcoming Fall Darlene Geist will have five grandchildren in the Westmont Hilltop School District.

“They have not taken our concerns seriously.”

She held a sign reading save and protect our kids outside of the high school before the last board meeting of the school year.

“At what point do we as parents and grandparents and citizens decide we’ve had enough?”

She was joined by other concerned citizens who say they’re fighting for student safety

In light of two teens being caught in what police call a school shooting plot at the high school back in December

And the rape accusation of former music teacher Shawn Miller who police say had a history of inapropriately touching students.

Jennifer Goetz organized the rally as a sexual assault survivor herself in the Dr. Barto case.

“When I heard about the allegations about this teacher, I was sick to my stomach. I thought, I have to do something. This is enough already. We need to stand up and protect our children.”

Heated public comment was heard inside the board meeting

“The responsibility is yours. We’re not satisfied with your performance. The citizens of this district have had enough.”

Threatening legal action while demanding resignation unhappy with administration.

“People need to be held responsible for that, so this does not happen again anywhere else at any school.”

I asked Superintendent Thomas Mitchell & School Board President Robert Gleason if they had a comment

But they said they can’t talk about on personnel matters & situations still under investigation.

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