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Westmont Hilltop Safety Concerns

Following the recent trespassing case at Westmont Hilltop School District, some in the Community say safety has been an issue well before this incident. One anonymous Community Member tells us their efforts to talk to School Officials about security have fallen on deaf ears. Through a Right to Know request with the Upper Yoder Police Department, they say they learned about more than 30 Police calls to the High School between 2017 and 2021.

When asked about the recent situation at Westmont, School Board President, Rob Gleason says he feels the District is not doing enough to protect the kids. Gleason saying: “I can’t talk about the case, I’m aware of the case, but that has been adjudicated and the action was taken. We are on top of these things that happen. We will not tolerate bad behavior, we have expelled people in the past. We are not going to tolerate bad behavior in the district. We will work with the children work with their parents of course but we will not tolerate bad behavior that affects the rest of the School District. I think we have a very good security program but every security program can be better.”

Last year, the Board approved hiring a School Police Officer that will work at both the Elementary and High School, but one has not been hired. Gleason says this is because they haven’t found a quality applicant. But their efforts to find one have doubled since a petition gathered more than 1,800 signatures.

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