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Westmont Arrest Update

Students that were planning a school shooting in Cambria County, made their first appearance in court today. Douglas Braff was inside the courtroom and has more on this story,
including what’s next for the suspects. Preston Hinebaugh, and Logan Pringle, are charged as adults and face felony counts.

The proceeding didn’t last long today. In fact, the hearing was continued. A motion was requested by the district attorney, who told the judge that the prosecution has learned of new
additional information.

This was the scene outside the courtroom today, while Hinebaugh and Pringle sat inside, handcuffed and in jumpsuits.

The district judge heard no testimony today after she granted their request to continue the preliminary hearing until next month.

It was on December seventh, police say Preston Hinebaugh, let Logan Pringle into the front doors of the Westmont Hilltop High School.

Pringle had been previously expelled for trying to burn down the school, then later was court ordered not to be on school property after he threatened to quote shoot up the school

While investigating that trespassing case. Police say they found and recovered several weapons and ammunition inside Hinebaugh home.

Police say they can prove Hinebaugh had access and control of at least two of the guns at certain periods of time.

Authorities say the ongoing investigation ultimately led them to believe the pair were planning a school shooting.

Both Hinebaugh and Pringle faced multiple felonies as adults, including conspiracy to commit terrorism.

The district attorney saying it is a fluid investigation by local county and federal law enforcement agencies.

“Investigations don’t end once charges are filed. Investigations continue, oftentimes brought up until jury selection and even sometimes during trial.
We had some information come to us that is helpful to us, and we need a little more time to review that and make sure that we understand that and make sure that we have it fully vetted.
And really, that’s out of an abundance of caution to make sure that we present the best case. Possible cases sometimes continue to get better as time goes on.”

Hinebaugh and Pringle are being held on a 400,000 dollar and 250,000 dollar bond, respectfully. The judge denied the defense’s request for a bond reduction, but she did set certain
conditions should the teenagers pursue bond. If released, the teens will be under house arrest and have GPS monitors, campers, US weapons and cannot be on the grounds of any school
property, among other rules.

Reporting from Cambria County, I’m Douglas Braff.

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