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West Coast Smoke Issues

Fires are raging on the West Coast, burning millions of acres. Those fires are now creating dense smoke that’s now covering much of the Coastline. It’s affecting people states away, who now have one more reason to mask up as Health Experts warn Residents about the low air quality.

We put the question to Doctor Stephen Morris, an Emergency Room Physician at Harborview Medical Center. The air we are breathing, he says, is a definite health risk. Dr. Morris saying: “That means that the smoke itself which is particulate matter in the air. And can cause inflammation and irritation in the lungs and that can have consequences.”

We saw lots of people working outside in the murky mess. Construction Workers wouldn’t talk on camera, and most seemed to be wearing masks. But it turns out this bad air can even affect a Metro Driver at least before boarding the Bus. A map NASA posted on its website vividly shows what the West Coast is living under. You can see the blanket of smoke over-land, but worse yet it is over the Pacific, too. So even the coast is under this shroud.

Doctor Morris says if you can’t stay inside, make sure to wear a mask — because we are, after all, in the midst of a Pandemic.

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