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Way Fruit Farm Super Bowl Connection

Hey there the Tampa Bay bucs star can’t go too long without having some of this. Way Fruit Farms’ apple butter. I went to visit the farm earlier Today.

As a Nittany Lion, Chris Godwin was an elite talent, helping power one of the nation’s top offenses before going in the third round of the NFL draft.

However, he was hooked on something other than football in Happy Valley, Apple Butter.

He frequented Way Fruit Farm in Port Matilda while in PA, and he still orders it Today.

The co-owner of the farm, Jason Coopey, says wherever Godwin goes, the apple butter follows.

“Chris Godwin was a regular customer when he played football at Penn State and when he did he got addicted if you will to our apple butter. He just loves it, he keeps a jar at the (Tampa Bay) facility, he keeps some at home,
and so he just has our apple butter everywhere he goes.

Coopey says they became better acquainted as the receiver kept on coming back for more and more jars.

“He kept getting more and more and more apple butter so we started talking and now he’s in Tampa and he still loves it and so he has to have it every day.”

Coopey shipped him twenty four jars a little before the Super Bowl, and Godwin usually gets over a hundred a year.

The farm first started shipping them to him in Tampa after Godwins agent called Coopey asking if it could be sent down south.

“Originally his agent contacted us and said can you ship them? And I said absolutely I can ship him apple butter. And since then, Chris now just messages us whenever he needs more apple butter.”

Coopey also said it is awesome to contribute to a professional athletes diet, and jokingly said he hopes to keep Godwin hooked on the apple butter and I can see why he likes it so much. That’s tasty.

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