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Vision Together 2025 Community Meeting

A Vision Together 2025 community meeting brought in leaders and residents in Cambria County Thursday evening, talking about what they want to see for the area’s future. Organizers touched on a lot of community based initiatives, including ways to improve local neighborhoods. They also gave updates on special projects they’re working on.

Robert Forcey, Executive Director of Vision Together 2025 saying: “There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. In fact, my question at the end of my speech today is what’s next?” Ideas and views were shared in Downtown Johnstown, at the Holiday Inn, on Market Street. Forcey says community engagement plays a big role in the future of our region. He and Officials say they are grateful that people have stepped forward to serve the Johnstown community in previous years, as well as collaborating at the meeting. Robert Forcey saying: “Rob Forcey is not the person who decides what needs to be done in this city. It should come from the citizens, and that’s what we’re working towards.”

Officials also shared initiatives in the community, including building safer neighborhoods. Shawn Stiffler, President of the Hornerstown neighborhood community group saying: “That’s great. It’s nice to know that our neighborhoods, our communities our groups are all working together. Any input is great input. If we can make this place even better than what it already is, that’s fantastic.”

Leaders say another part of the vision is the maintenance and increased use of the Johnstown Train Station. Another Presenter at the event saying: “All of us in our capture group are terribly anxious about getting the funding moving, getting the station to the next level.” This, plus creating what officials call “Capture Teams,” made up of volunteers, to help drive people’s visions into action, moving forward. Another Presenter, in closing: “Things like that do make the difference. So we mobilize, we constantly follow up and we stick with our people. We make sure, until we know they’re good.”

Some other goals by Vision Together 2025 include creating new biking and hiking opportunities green spaces in downtown Johnstown and preserving history. Resources on how you can get involved can be found at

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