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Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day brings chocolates and sweets for many, whether for your significant other or for yourself.

Dylan Huberman spoke to several people at Gardner’s candies this afternoon and brings us more now live.

Cupid’s Arrows once again landed many at candy shops this Valentine’s Day, and one store manager says Covid did not get in the way.

“Not necessarily. I think there’s a lot of factors this year just with, you know, retail prices have kind of skyrocketed a little bit and people are spending less, but we have the customer count, so that’s good.

Tyrone store manager Kristen Barrett says preorders were also at a high level pretty close to last year’s figures,

“But we did have extra like strawberries this year, which was great. So customers coming in that forgot to preorder can still pick up,”

Company president Joe Decidio says.

“That’s no small feat. Last year was a very good year, and the fact that we can match it, I think, is pretty good, so we’re happy.”

Barrett says that considering Valentine’s Day fell on a Monday this year as opposed to a weekend last year,

“The store has had no shortage of customers. It’s been pretty swift. Our traffic has been more than what I expected for today, with it falling on a Monday kind of figure. The weekend was going to be busier,
but we’re definitely we’re definitely seeing lots of customers today.”

For others, Valentine’s Day carries some extra significance.

“It’s my 18th anniversary. Also, we got married at a group wedding on February 14, 2007, so it’s a pretty big day and he knew exactly what to get. Definitely chocolate and some kind of a stuffed animal like the little nome. Something funny. Something cute.”

And the studio says Gardener’s is now turning their attention to the spring.

“And now we’re really looking ahead toward Easter. So that’s really where we’re getting a lot of our exposure. A lot of our traffic and hopefully the customers that bought from us for Valentine’s Day will visit us again before Easter.”

Hopefully, you got your fix in a sweets today and happy Valentine’s Day.

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