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UPMC Employees Demand Change

With COVID-19 causing overwhelmed Nurses and Staffing Shortages throughout Hospitals, a crowd of Medical Professionals gathered on Friday demanding change at UPMC. After nearly 2 Years of working through the Pandemic, a group of UPMC Employees gathered at the Steel Tower with a list of demands. In addition to more staff, Employees are asking for better wages and benefits. State Senator Lindsey Williams was there to support Employees and their hard work throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Williams saying: “UPMC could have recognized that, acknowledged it, given them Hazard Pay. Instead we get signs that say Healthcare Heroes work here and a pat on the back.” A Pharmacy Assistant for UPMC saying at times it is hard to feed her kids because she doesn’t make enough working at UPMC. She says she and her Colleagues want to form a Union without fear of being retaliated against.

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