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UPJ Mask Mandate

Masks have returned to at least one university campus in Cambria County.

The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown officials tell me the mask requirement comes as Cambria County sees an uptick in Covid-19 cases.

Chris Stumpf the U.P.J Vice President of Student Affairs told us, “The University of Pittsburgh and all the campuses follow the C.D.C guidelines on community spread. When the county where the campus is located goes to the high level masks are required in all in-door areas. If its at the lower or medium level then masks are optional.”

U.P.J’s Chris Stumpf says students and staff are currently required to wear face masks based on the current rate of coronavirus cases in Cambria County, which had 301 new cases reported in the last week.

eighty five percent of U.P.J students are vaccinated.

Stumpf adds, “The university has a interim vaccine policy. You either have to show proof of vaccination or have an approved exemption to be a member of the campus community to be enrolled or to work here.”

Stumpf says someone may be exempt from a coronavirus vaccine based on medical or religious reasons.

He says, “It’s basically in door shared space masks are required. Classrooms, fitness centers, libraries; things like that. Masks are required in doors.”

Some students are bothered by the mandate where others support the university’s decision.

Connor McGibbon is a U.P.J Sophomore and student athlete.

“It seems at this point; majority of campus is vaccinated. So last year non-vaccinated kids, they had to do a test like every two weeks so I mean that seems more effective and efficient.”

“We don’t have to wear them for games or practices so it kind of feels somewhat redundant in a sense because you know, were all around each other. So, if one of us gets it, the rest of us get.”

Another student supports the current mask mandate at U.P.J and says she would were a mask whether it was mandated or not.

Elaynah pirzada is a senior at U.P.J and says, “It is prudent and practical to have a mask mandate especially if transmission levels are high. So just for my own mental satisfaction, I will keep it on.”

U.P.J’s Vice President of Student Affairs says every Thursday based on the rate of coronavirus cases in each county that has a Pitt campus, the mask mandate may lift or remain in place.

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