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University Plans for Class Return

Penn State administrators reaffirmed the university’s plans to return to classrooms and campuses for the upcoming fall semester in a virtual town hall meeting Thursday.

They confirm it will be a far different setting due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

They are asking for a lot of cooperation from all parties involved.

The update from Penn State on the fall semester plans were highly anticipated.

As we draw closer to the start of the fall semester, there’s also been increased discussion on the impact, not only on campus, but also in state college and the surrounding community.

The university’s pre-arrival program for students includes testing 30,000 in what’s termed “hi-risk coronavirus areas.”

Plus, for students and staff heading back to campus, they’re asked to self-quarantine a week before.

All the new COVID-19 procedures will be included in what’s termed the “Penn State Coronavirus compact,” that officials say they need students to be on-board with through an electronic signature.

It’s also stressed the campus plans could be dropped, with a full return to online classes.

Students not following the new campus requirements may face disciplinary action.

Penn State will also create a public Coronavirus dashboard that will display university testing numbers and other information.

Classes are set to begin in about three weeks, on Aug. 24.

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