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University Park Airport Adding Extra Flights

The University Park Airport in Centre County will be offering limited flights this fall coinciding with PSU sporting events.

Dylan Huberman spoke with airport officials to learn where the flights are and how they came to be.

Atlanta, Nashville and Birmingham will have flights in and out of Centre County this fall.

The flights are built around Penn State sporting events, as a home football game against Auburn and a hockey game in Tennessee will bring flights in both directions from Birmingham, Atlanta and Nashville surrounding those events.

These flights will only exist during the week of those respective games and are not permanent Centre County flights.

University Park Airport Director Bryan Rodgers says collaboration was key to this occurring.

“It’s born out of the University Park Airport and the airport authorities efforts to always enhance commercial air service for our community. In our recurring conversations with the airlines, one of the first things they inquire about is what’s happening within the region that may create demand for, for air travel, and we always, uh,
share with them the Penn State sports schedule, primarily football and the draw that it has, you know thousands upon thousands of individuals to State College for the game.”


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