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Tyrone House Explosion Reaction

“It could happen to anyone, you never know, it’s scary.”

Jaylon Beck captured this footage of Yesterday’s blaze, as a gas line issue turned this home into a charred shell of itself Monday Afternoon.

The Blair County coroner’s office and Tyrone Police Chief Jess Walk confirmed that human remains were found on the premises after crews were able to get inside.

Five more were transported to area hospitals, two of whom are in critical condition.

The situation was horrifying to watch.

“I was terrified…you know, I’ve had it happen to my aunt, so it devastates a family, it devastates a community.”

Peoples Natural Gas, who supplies the line in question at this location, offered this statement in response, saying quote: “the investigation into this event is being led by the Pennsylvania State
Police and fire marshal. Peoples is assisting with this ongoing investigation over the next several days.”

“Our crews have restored service to the area and conducted safety checks around the site, with the exceptions of homes between 12th and cottage streets. We will continue to work throughout the areawith continued safety checks.”

Congressman John Joyce and his wife alice also offered a statement of their own, expressing remorse for those affected, while also applauding first responders, saying: “during this difficult time,
“I am deeply grateful for the heroic work of the firefighters, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and police officers who responded to the scene to care for the injured and protect our
community from further damage.”

Those sentiments echoed by State Representative Jim Gregory.

“The turnout was impressive. To know that it doesn’t take much for the word to get around, our systems work, people got here, the first responders and, uh, so, uh, they’re going to continue to do
that job, and we’re very grateful to them for that.”

Hann says Tyrone residents are expectedly shaken from this event.

“There’s some people you see walk up and down the road every day, smile on their face and today, they’re just…not smiling, shaking their heads you know, it affects a community.”

Representative Gregory says this incident should give us more appreciation for our lives, and those of the ones we hold dear.

“What’s important is what we have right in front of us right now and being able to hug our loved ones just a little bit closer because that’s what they’re doing here.”

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