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Tyrone Fire Investigation

We have new details on the House Fire on the 1300 Block of Pennsylvania Avenue in Tyrone. One Fire Chief says approximately 14 Fire Companies responded. This fire was just two doors down from the fatal explosion there last July, leaving Residents shaken. Fortunately, nobody lost their life this time around.

However, some people were sent to the Hospital for their injuries. Chief Alan Walls of the Neptune Fire Department saying: “Two transported that came out of the apartment upstairs for smoke inhalation we’re guessing, and one Firefighter transported.” He says the damage was extensive, and partially irreparable. “The brown house is a total loss, yeah. The second house could be salvageable, we’re not 100% sure yet. We didn’t get to…he didn’t do his walk-around, the State Police, to really estimate the cost.”

He says one of his Firefighters actually lived in these buildings, but fortunately he and his pet are okay. Chief Walls adding: “He was at the Fire Station because we were getting ready to bring the Fire Truck down this way anyhow for G-N-R and we got tapped out to it and I mean, I let him go in and get his dog and stuff before, as soon as we got here.”

With this second tragedy on Pennsylvania Avenue almost a year ago to the day of the fatal explosion, locals are speechless. Walls saying: “It’s just…I don’t know what to say. It’s just a bad, bad situation happened.”

Chief Walls says the State Police Fire Marshall will handle the Investigation.

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