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Tussey Mountain Wingfest

Wingfest at Tussey Mountain is returning Tomorrow after the pandemic forced its closure last summer.

Though covid restrictions are largely in the rearview mirror, the national shortage of chicken wings is still very much alive.

But Tussey Mountain officials say they’ll have a solid supply.

Dylan Huberman has more from Centre County.

Centre County, get ready for some tangy, tasty and spicy chicken, Wingfest is back.

Tussey Mountain was forced to pull the plug on last summer’s rendition due to covid.

That’s now less of an obstacle, but something else is in the way a national shortage of chicken wings.

However, Tussey Mountain’s marketing director Aaron Weyman says advanced planning got them prepared.

“Luckily for us, we’ve got great relationships already with a lot of food vendors and businesses in the area and they knew that we have this event and they’ve been in contact with us…we knew that
there was a chicken wing shortage and they secured some for us ahead of time and we’ve purchased a lot of wings already and we’re anticipating big crowds.”

Weyman says the event was ever evolving during the planning stages, but now they anticipate the event to return to it’s pre-covid popularity.

“We’ve been planning for this event for months, you know, it’s gone through different, uh, different phases of planning. A long time ago, we thought maybe we would have a small capacity, limited event, then things got better, we were able to life the capacities a little more, we planned for something else but now we’re…back to planning a normal Wingfest.”

If you simply can’t find a way to quell that wing craving, Weyman says Tussey Mountain will have you covered.

“I’d just say come out here, you know, we’re going to have a bunch of different restaurants out here and uh, you know, we’ve got ‘em, uh, so we’ll have them available and we recommend people come out early and enjoy them as, while they last.”

The event will kick off Thursday and will happen once a week for each of the next seven weeks.


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