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Trout Stocking

The Little Conemaugh River was stocked with fish in Cambria County on Saturday afternoon.

Volunteers released trout from the Route 53 Bridge in Wilmore to the breast of the Wilmore Dam.

The Wilmore Sportsman’s Club raises about 8,000 of these trout every year, according to Marlin Minor, a long-time member of the club.

“It’s a lot of work, and it’s all volunteer work. We have a great group of guys that are doing it,” he said.

The Boy Scout Troop 2251 and Cub Scout Pack 51 were there to help.

“They helped us load the fish at the hatchery this morning, and they’re out on the creek stocking the fish. From what I understand, they’re having a good time,” Minor said.

He said to stay on the lookout for more events with the Wilmore Sportsman’s Club in the upcoming months.

“It’s a good little community. Wilmore is a nice little town to live in.”

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